Will 2 of this card benefit workflow in Adobe after effects, premiere, final cut pro, Maya, and Cinema 4D on a new Mac pro?

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac

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  • Replying to "real-time viewport rendering offered by CUDA and NVIDIA Quadro workstation graphics cards" by MA:

    Hi - What exactly are you referring to by the real-time viewport rendering offered by CUDA... I know about V-Ray on 3DSmax but no CUDA accelerated renderer on Maya. You should get the same GL render on the Mac as you do on a Windows platform...

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    Yes, you can put two of these into a Mac Pro (confirmed by nVidia rep at tech conference some time ago). If your app has CUDA (nVidia's parallel processing) support, then yes it will benefit from having more CUDA cores available. Adobe's MPE uses CUDA, so yes it should benefit. FCP is a no, though hopefully the next version (due in the first half of 2011) will change that. From what I understand, there are some plugins out there for both Maya and C4D that take advantage of CUDA, though I don't believe the core applications have CUDA support.

  • i don't believe the current Mac Pro is equipped to house two NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics cards. I think it can only power just one, a shame. also, if it could power two of them, unfortunately, there is no "crossfire" type of capability built into OSX that can utilize the power of both cards to enhance, optimize, or accelerate one single application. a shame again.

    i know with Maya 2011 specifically, there might not be any benefit other than 2GB of video memory. as far as i know from a conversation with an Autodesk Maya technical support engineer i spoke to about a week ago, Maya 2011 for Mac does not take advantage of the real-time viewport rendering offered by CUDA and NVIDIA Quadro workstation graphics cards yet, which is what a lot of us working on complex Maya scenes really need. unfortunately, Autodesk has not updated Maya yet to take full advantage of GPU power. and what a shame again.

    i'm by no means claiming to be an expert, but i'm also very interested in this graphics card for my mid 2010 Mac Pro, mostly for work in Maya 2011, After Effects CS5, and Final Cut Studio. all in all, i think the only advantage of using one NVIDIA Quadro 4000 specifically with the applications you mentioned, is the 2GB of video memory. there are applications that its optimized to accelerate, but from what i know, none of the ones you mentioned are on that list yet.

    personally, i spend way too much money updating my core applications every single year (Adobe CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5...Maya 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, etc, etc, etc.). i sincerely hope that any application updates that offer an ability to harness the full power of an NVIDA Quadro graphics card in OSX, are offered for free in the current versions.

    anyone out there, please correct me if i'm positively wrong about any of this :-)

  • I want to get onboard with GPU rendering (Vray for Maya) and I've read that having only one CUDA card can bring your workflow to a crawl if you are loading it up with GPU rendering tasks. If you are looking at doing high-end rendering go for 2 cards. Not too sure if Autodesk supports this card as yet though.