Why would a bluetooth speaker be better or worse than the soon to be released airplay speakers?

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

JAMBOX by Jawbone Wireless Speaker

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    BETTER because BT works just about anywhere between your device and the JamBox. AirPlay will use WiFi and you'll need access to an existing WiFi network instead of creating your own BT network

    WORSE because BT doesn't have the bandwidth for full range audio. If you're a critical listener, you may not be satisfied. Less critical listeners probably won't notice the difference anyway.

  • A bluetooth speaker can be used anywhere (car, outdoors, etc). Airplay uses your wifi network.

  • This speaker will work with any compatible bluetooth device not just apple ones. It is independant of your home wifi and can be used anywhere.

  • The only big advantage I can see with a bluetooth speaker is that you would also be able to receive a phone call and talk using the speaker however I don't know if airplay can do this or not. Hope this helps!

  • A bluetooth speaker is portable. It can go wherever you go.

    Airplay will be limited to devices (Apple TV, Airport Express) that support it.

  • There is a delay with audio from apps over Airplay, so would not be good for gaming. There is no delay over Bluetooth.

  • AirPlay does more than just stream your music to external speakers. It streams information about your music too. Song titles, artists, album names, elapsed and remaining time, and album artwork all appear on AirPlay-enabled speakers with graphical displays.