Why the need for sensor when Iphone 3gs has a reall gps?

I am wondering the question above. The sensor needs to be calibrated, yet a real GPS is available in the Iphone 3gs. Is it not possible to use the programme only with GPS?

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    This sensor does not use GPS Technology. The Sensor is simply an accelerometer that measures how long your foot is in contact with the ground. It has long been known that the amount of time your foot is on the ground is inversly proportional to the speed at which you are running. Hence the calibration.

  • There are other applications that take advantage of the full GPS feature of the iPhone 3GS. You might want to have a look at Runner+ (both the app from Apple Store and their website). They offer similar features to what the Nike+ website does, plus mapping features (using the GPS). If you download that app from Apple Store you won't need the sensor.

  • No need. If you've got an iPhone 3gs simply download the Nike+GPS app and start running!