why is airport extreme better than the router from my cable company?

I have a macbook aluminum.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    Well there are several benefits that you receive by going with the AirPort Extreme. For one the APE offer 802.11 N wireless which is five times as fast and has twice the range.

    Secondly, it has the ability to send out dual signals. This means that the fast AirPort card in your macbook will surf and the fast signal speed, and then if you have an iPod touch or an iPhone then they will surf and their max speed without interfering with your macbook.

    It also has the ability to have a shared hard drive which provides a place for you to store your files remotely and then be able to access them anywhere in the house.

    The AirPort Extreme does cost more money but in my opinion it is worth it. Plus is something does go wrong you get to deal with the company ranked number one in customer service instead of the cable company.

    If you are worried about the price you can always look at the AirPort Extreme, these are also great I own several of them.