Why doesn't it record calories when using the HRM in heart rate mode doing an aerobics workout?

If you select a calories or basic workout instead and use the nike+ sensor will that be accurate for an aerobic workout? Basically I want to be able to monitor my heartrate and track my calories during a cardio kickboxing class, can this be done?

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

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    It used to record calories when using the HRM in heart-rate mode.

    I used to use it regularly during Spin classes, where there is no foot impact, so the shoe sensor is redundant. I used to use the heart-rate strap and nano+transmitter and it worked fine.

    However, since the Nike+ website moved from the flash version of the site to the HTML only, this functionality seems to have been lost.

    I've raised a support ticket, which was a few months ago now, with Nike+ team. No idea if/when this functionality will return. It doesn't seem to be problem with the iPod side - just the way the website is recording calories for HRM runs.

    Right now, if you use the HRM strap with the shoe sensor and perform a non-heart-rate exercise workout, the website will record your heart-rate correctly but give wrong calories readouts (or zero). For example a 45min bicycle heart-rate workout with an average of 160 bpm will come out as 6 calories.

  • It used the sensor in your shoe if you are tracking calories. I wouldn't think that would be accurate for kickboxing.