Why do other Jabra Sport has a sports armband included in the package? What is the difference? Does it cost more?

Jabra SPORT Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Jabra SPORT Stereo Bluetooth Headset

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    I wondered the same thing I actually took mine back thinking some had returned my product without the armband but the employees in the store opened several other packages and none of them had the arm band . I think the manufacturer decided to stop giving away free armbands as a cost cutting solution. They cost the same reguardless though

  • This is clearly a mistake. The package states the armband is inlcuded.

    Did not realize mine was missing until I watched a product video from the Jabra website.

    My headset was a gift, purchased direct from the Apple store. I am certain that if you contact Jabra they will make good on the armband.

    I have made inquiry all ready. Good luck!

    I would prefer a protective case instead of an armband though.