Which relatively cheap printers work with a USB connection to Airport Extreme, using it wirelessly from both a Mac (SnLeopd) and PC/Windows Vista/7?

I have a wireless router (Linksys) now, but am interested in replacing it with an Airport Extreme. Both for the N support, and for the USB connection to have a printer available wirelessly. And we have a mix of laptops, with a Mac running Snow Leopard and two PCs, one currently running Vista and the 2nd running Windows 7. What I gather from web searches is that it is hard to pre-determine printers that will actually work with as a USB printer with the Airport Extreme and various OS. Do you have recommendations for relatively cheap printers that you've found to work with the environment described?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • Hard to answer, as every printer is different and may not be able to be connected to a Network Print Server such as in the Airport Extreme... It's a good chance, that most printers which have a MAC compatibility stamp on the side... You're best to check the compatibility of the printer you're about to purchase on the Manufacturers website.