Which is the best modem (in the UK) to use with the Airport Extreme

I am upgrading from my awful belkin to an Apple extreme base station, wondering which is the best modem to use with it, would a simple speedtouch work, or are there better ones? Would it be possible to plug the adsl cable to my belkin and then and ethernet cable from that to the Airport base station?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    I have found the Draytek Vigor 120 to be a perfect match for my Time Capsule / Airport Extreme.

    I tried using my old Netgear router in modem only mode but the problem is a lot of ISP's in the UK use PPPOA to deliver the broadband signal and there is not way I could see to configure Airport Extreme for PPPOA.

    The Draytek Vigor 120 bridges PPPOA to PPPOE. The modem is zero configuration. You literally just plug your phone line into the modem and then connect the modem to the Airport Extreme WAN port. You enter ISP settings via Airport utility.

    Draytek have a handy set up guide for most routers which includes the settings you need for Airport Extreme. Highly recommended.