Which in-ear headphones are better in quality sound: The Bose in-ear Mobile headphones or the new Apple in-ear headphones?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    I have the original Apple headphones, the $79.00 Apple upgraded headphones and the Bose $129.00 in ear headphones. I was impressed with the Apple headphones (both) until I bought the Bose headphones. They are at least 4 times better in quality, specifically in the range of sound and the ability to believe you were hearing a live performance. The Apple headphones provide good quality but once you hear the Bose, you will want to buy a $10 remote/mic for the Bose and never go back. Ultimatley, you get what you pay for. The Apple headphones that come with an IPOD are good for most people, and keep the cost down. The more advanced Apple Headphones($79) are a big step up, but if you are an audiophile or are looking for true high end sound, go straight to the Bose. Physically, the difference is that the Apple headphones push both high & low sounds through an "earbud", whereas the Bose send high sounds through the inner ear, but has two additional speaker ports in the "outer ear" that transmit the mid range and low range achieving true perfection.

  • In my opinion, the best in-ear headphones for the iPhone are made by Ultimate Buds. They combine the on/off, microphone, and volume control of the Apple brand headset with several different earbuds, such as Etymotic and FutureSonics. I am a fan of the UB7 Ultimate Buds which combines the Apple control with the Etymotic ER6i. (Unfortunately they are out of stock right now.) If you are looking for more bass try the UB7EB.