Where do you fit the iPad in and how much is it protected?

Hi when i read that the case can hold an iPad I was VERY exited! But I was wondering how much does it protect the iPad? Where does the iPad fit in?

If the bag dropped from 6-8 ft or 2-4 with the iPad, macbook pro, a couple of books and chargers and stuff would it all be undamaged?

Please give me your honest opinion how much do you like the case!

Hurley Puerto Rico Laptop Sleeve with Strap

Hurley Puerto Rico Laptop Sleeve with Strap

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1 Answer from the Community

  • There is a main pocket for the Macbook Pro, lined with a micro-fibre type material, and attached to the outside of that, is another pocket that will fit an iPad. I have never dropped my bag with my Macbook in it, but I would very safely say that this laptop bag would be very protective. I would definitely recommend it.