where do you find out the cycle count?

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

QA Rechargeable Battery 13" MacBook

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    In your Utilities folder open System Profiler
    Scroll down then click on Power
    Look under Battery Information for Cycle Count

  • If you are using OS Leopard (10.5), then Click on APPLE LOGO on top left corner of your screen, then choose ABOUT THIS MAC, click on MORE INFO button, in the content menu choose POWER, you will see Cycle Count along with other details.

  • Download this free app called Coconutbattery.

    It tells you your battery's charge cycle, capacity and age. Very useful and simple.

  • There is a free widget in Dashboard called iStat Pro that gives a slew of great information much quicker than tracking it down in the System Profiler and then some you can't find in SP.

    iStat Pro gives CPU usage, memory usage, hard disk usage, network information (including download and upload speeds), temps of different components (CPU, Airport Card, Hard Drive, etc.), exhaust fan speed, battery information (including health as a percentage), uptime, and processes broken down by applications.

    It's great because it's just about everything going on "behind the scenes" that you need to know all in one place in an instant. Seeing exactly what stresses your computer as its happening helps you correct appropriately... I know its more than you were looking for but its helped me a lot.

  • I went to the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of my screen, clicked it ;), then "About This MAC", then clicked, "More Info", then "System Report". On left I found "Power" under "Hardware" and clicked on "Power" which took me to "Health Information:
    Cycle Count: 421
    Condition: Replace Soon :(