When you open the flap and fold it flat against the back, is there a magnet to hold it there?

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

iPad Smart Case - Polyurethane

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  • There is no magnet as the from 'flap' is connected to the rear part of the cover as one piece. It can also fold into the usual stand positions that the smart case did. This is much better than the smart cover in my opinion.

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    No magnet, but folds flat and doesn't get in the way during use with one hand holding it in portrait and resting the bottom on your stomach like a book.

  • No there isn't a magnet, it just slots into place when u fold the front cover back

  • No.

  • No...just got mine today. The original iPad case from Apple had a slot to tuck in the flap this one doesn't.

  • Nope.