When I plug my iPhone 4 into the dock will I be able to answer speaker calls through the line out or will it always be through the iPhone Speaker?

Advanced Description: I am wondering, if I were to plug my iPhone 4 into this dock, when I receive a call and turn the "speaker function" on, will the audio of the person I am calling come through the built in iPhone speaker or the line out? (This is presuming I have a pair of speakers that are turned on and connected to the out line on the dock)

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

Apple iPhone 4 Dock

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    No the iPhone dock is designed specifically for the chargiing and syncing of your iPhone you can plug in external speakers into the line out jack but i believe that this doesn't allow for the iPhone to take calls while its on this device and change it to speakerphone (if that makes sense).

    The line out jack turns the dock into a speaker dock so you can play music through it

  • Phone can receive calls while it is docked; however, it does NOT broadcast over the connected speakers. It continues to use the phone's built-in speakers.

    Tip: Adjust your phone's volume before docking the phone. While docked, the phone's volume controls are unavailable / de-activated.