What's the difference between the Anti-Glare Film and the Crystal Film?

Power Support Crystal Film Set

Power Support Crystal Film Set

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  • Best Answer:

    Anti-Glare is essentially matte. That means it won't reflect the light. Crystal Film is pretty much the same as your iPhone screen - it's shiny/glossy.

  • Anti-Glare has a light-matte finish which reduces glare and also helps to hide fingerprints and smudges. Crystal Film is the same texture as the iPhone screen (glossy) and it is just as likely to show fingerprints. Both provide the same amount of protection to your screen.

  • Simple answer:-

    Anti Glare - reduces finger print marking and cuts down the glare from bright light eg the sun or photography lamps. However the matte finish does reduce the screens picture quality.

    Crystal - Picks up finger prints very easily however the film is pretty much invisible and the screen clarity is prefect.