What to do with an ethernet cable if I want my TC to be my second router and my first one has just one ethernet port?

I use mac mini with external RAID as a server/seedbox for streaming/p2p and I need most of my 100Mbit speed left with my mac mini. Now I want to buy TC for backup and my music lybrary storage and I'd like it to create a wireless network at home for my laptops and iMac.

I heard that it's dangerous for TC if it's the ethernet cable is plugged into it and 24/7 let's data go through (2-5 MB per second). I'd like to 'save' my TC and connect the cable directly to the mac mini, hence it has all the speed and load. Then I'd like somehow to connect TC to mac mini to create a wireless network for the whole house (mac mini has only one ethernet port)

How to connect TC to mac mini without all the data streaming through TC in such a way that TC becomes a WiFi access point for other macs or what to do with the cable (how to properly divide it into two to plug both in TC and mac mini)?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You'll need to put a gigabit switch in between the Mac mini and the Time Capsule.