what speed does the time capsule reach?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Having a similar setup out of an 2002 computer with an ext HD, I'd estimate that it will be limited by the speed of your network until gigabit ethernet, then it is capped at the hard drive limits.
    My server is on a very short high quality cable run so I get absurdly fast LAN speeds. I suppose for sending files to it that can fit into just the cache, and sending by a process that doesn't require reading from the disk, you'll cap the processing power of the TIme Capsule or the GigE, and although theoritcally possible, it's not likely to happen.
    Test speed on a 1.3GB file is 16MB/s or 133Mbps, which is iMac drive limited.
    In practical terms, it takes about 20s to move about a 48 minute video file of reasonable quality and can easily allow me to play the file off of the remote drive directly
    In short, unless you're moving huge 10-100 GB files on a regular basis, it's plenty fast, and people doing that have detailed written plans for storage