What kind of cable would I need to connect these to my MacBook Pro?

Focal Professional CMS 40 Studio Monitors

Focal Professional CMS 40 Studio Monitors

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    These are professional studio monitors, and very good entry ones at that, they're not cheap PC speakers or designed to make dodgy recordings sound great. To get the best out of them, you will want your Mac to be connected to an external DAC (digital to analog converter), either via USB or the headphone-out which doubles as a digital out; spdif/optical toslink to be precise. You would then connect the Focals either via unbalanced RCA cables, or balanced XLR if your DAC supports it. Some examples would be the Apogee Duet or DAC Magic for entry level. You don't need amplification because these are active not passive speakers.

  • Any 3.5mm to dual RCA cable will work from the line out port on the MacBook Pro.

  • You need a DAC interface.