What keeps the case closed?

HEX Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5

HEX Axis Wallet Case for iPhone 5

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    There is a band that wraps around the case. As a heads up, this case is annoying when making or answerings calls.

  • a stretchy band, attached one end to the top of the case, and the other at the bottom of the case.

  • The elastic strap.

  • The answer that states the case is "annoying" when making or receiving calls isn't completely wrong. This is the best case I've even owned, and I would say talking on the handset is the only drawback. You should consider how you use your phone, however. For example, I use either bluetooth or speaker about 75% of the time, in which case the problem is solved. The advantages of the case, which include protecting the device, storing a card and/or a few bucks, make it a worthwhile investment. Also, I have found the case gets better with time, and that applies to the talking on the handset problem. The leather gets more flexible, and you can easily move the front cover around to the back of the phone, which makes handset calls better. Finally, I can say I'm also happy the case was made with a nice oval opening for the camera flash/aperture, as opposed to individual openings for each function. Since the only physical difference between the 5 and 5S is the flash/aperture, this case will also accommodate the 5S as well.

  • Gravity for flap or you can use the band.

  • The elastic band...

  • It looks like there's a strap to keep it closed.