what is this used for and which part of a macbook pro is it gonna be plugged into?

  • Asked by Kingsley O
  • Nov 13, 2012
Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

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1 Answer from the Community

  • It connects to the headphone jack on the laptop. The headphone jack is a connection not only for regular analog audio out, but the back end, deeper inside the connector, is designed as a digital audio output. This system of optical digital audio is called TOSLink in Applespeak. On many pro, prosumer and consumer devices you'll notice an "optical" audio connection. This cable connects the computer, or other output device, to the input of a TV, receiver, monitor, sound system, or other player/listening device. The advantage? Well, not only even better quality audio, but the digital signal will carry not only stereo but 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound to your playback system. My DVD player has 5.1 surround playback and speakers and an optical audio input. By connecting the computer to the optical input of the DVD player I get surround sound. The computer connects to the HDTV monitor and I get high resolution HD picture. HDMI signal carries all this digital information. But if your monitor is not connected to a surround sound system, all you'll get is the stereo playback.

    • Answered by Robb H
    • Dec 30, 2012