what is the wireless data transfer rate?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    It depends on the signal strength. Assuming good signal strength, you get 15-20MB/sec if the TC creates the wireless network. If you use the TC to join an existing network, you get 0.5-1MB/sec. According to Apple support, "a Time Capsule is not meant to be used as a client for an existing network."

  • Placing my tc approx. 0.5m from my laptop I get 15MBps uploading to tc's harddrive. 20MBps seems optimistic for me.
    Using an "existing network", as was said, does not slow down the tc. The existing network should include a Wide Area Connection (eg. DSL) and might include an other Wireless Acess Point, mostly found together in a wireless ADSL router. The routers location would be close to the telephone box. Therefore the distance between the original WLAN and the client computer might be large. Which is not a problem if you use your network mostly to access the internet (because the internet connection speed is in the order of magnitude of the remaining WLAN throughput). But if you want a large data application to work in your network (as a backup of possibly several 100GBytes would be ) you have to optimize your wireless speed.

    I recommend the following: Place the tc close to where you usually use your computer (eg. next to your office desk), connect it with a network cable (utp cat5 or similar) to the router and use the wirless access point of the tc. This way you have maximized your tc access, eg. for backups, while remaining internet connectivity.