what is the the most can five T80+ storage hold in large hard drives

size ,possible, rack fan cools, power backup

Tandberg T80+ Slot Tape StorageLibrary

Tandberg T80+ Slot Tape StorageLibrary

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    Total capacity depends on whether you use LTO-4 or LTO-5 drives & tapes. T80 has 77 slots for LTO tapes. So a single T80 (8U) can do the following:

    LTO4 61.6TB (77 * 800GB per tape)
    LTO5 123.2TB (77 * 1600GB per tape)

    So five T80 storage libraries would take up an entire rack (40U) and have a capacity of around 600TB (385 LTO5 tapes).

  • The T80 is a tape library, not a disk array. The drives in it are TAPE drives, not hard drives. Tape drives aren't fast enough to be used in the same way as disk drives -- they're intended to be used for backup and/or near-line storage. The capacity of a tape library isn't dependent on the number of tape drives, it's dependent on the number of tape cartridge slots.

    The base T80+ can have one to four tape drives and it has 77 tape cartridge slots. The capacity of the library will depend on the type of tape drive(s) installed and whether or not your data can be compressed as it's being written to the tapes.

    Adding more tape drives doesn't increase your storage capacity, but it does let you get more data on and/or off the tape cartridges in a given period of time. If you're backing up data to two tape drives, you can expect it to go pretty much twice as fast.