What is the performance difference between the 1 TB 7200 rpm and the 2 TB 5400 rpm? Since they are both Thunderbolt

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LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive

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  • The data speed bottleneck is the drive itself. 7200rpm pushes data faster than 5400rpm but with the device using 2 drives in RAID, speed is improved on either over a single drive. But as someone else stated, the 7200rpm is about 20% faster.

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    the 1tb will be faster.. with the speed of the thunderbolt interface the limiting factor will be the speed of the actual drives.. I would expect the 2tb to be 20% or so slower

  • If 2TB setup as RAID 1 then slower than 1TB 7200rpm for sure, however it would be faster in RAID-0.

  • that being said -that the 7200 will be 20% faster --the 5400 2TB drive is still gonna smoke any Firewire drive/USB 3 or Sata drives

    Don't forget that.