What is the expected lifespan of an Airport Extreme?

In the past I have had several brands of router. THey cost half the price of the Airport Extreme and last around two years. I like the reliability and ease of use of the Airport Extreme, but I want to have an idea of its expected lifespan.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Five years minimum due to being so well-built.

    If you buy one today and use it with a Mac which is covered by an AppleCare Plan, then continue to use it with a Mac purchased two years later which is also covered by an AppleCare Plan - Apple will have warrantied the base station for a total of five years. So, one can assume from this that Apple expects the average lifespan to be greater than five years.

    It should and probably will last longer, of course. However, since the name of the game is speed, with the new certified 802.11n networking most users are itching to replace their older g-speed saucer shaped Extremes even though they are still working. There will undoubtedly be even faster networking 4-5 years from now.