What is the easiest way to backup my PC files & trf to my Mac using the time capsule.

I have purchased a Macbook Pro and a Time Capsule to replace my old desktop PC.
We have all of our photos stored on our old PC and I would like to transfer these to our new Macbook, for two main reasons.
1) To use the editing facilities available on the Macbook through some of the excellent software provided, and
2) More importantly, to link with the Time Capsule so that all of our irreplaceable photos are permanently backed up to allay our fears of losing them, and for piece of mind that any additions will automatically be backed up.
I would really appreciate a quick guide on the easiest solution to extract the files from the PC to the Macbook and Time Capsule, without any requirement for any additional hardware, if possible.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    If both the windows and mac pc are on the same network do the following:
    The best way would be to press command and k, then enter the following:
    "smb", colon, forward slash, forward slash, then windows pc name then another forward slash then the share name. then press connect. This will allow you to map a windows share. if you have the right username and password it will map a drive and you will see a new icon on the right. use this and copy the files to your mac.

    When your time capsule does it's backup it will include the photos (unless you set it up to not - but it does by default!).

    Hope this works - sadly the text here says inappropriate if you use links and some characters so had to explain in another way.

    Alternatively you can copy them to a memory stick and then use it on the mac - if you have a decent sized one - 16 or 32GB will work nicely.