what is the different between the apple universal dock and apple iphone 3G dock?

Apple iPhone 3G Dock

Apple iPhone 3G Dock

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    Also, the Universal Dock has an IR receiver and comes with an Apple Remote to control you device (according to the picture, it appears this is the old-style white remote, not the current aluminium one).

  • The 3GS dock i purely for the 3GS i phone.

    The universal dock can be used for i pods, i pod nanos and the i phone, i phone 3g and the i phone 3gs

  • the iphone 3G dock allows you to have a phone conversation, while the universal dock does not. The universal dock, however, allows you to listen to your music, with volume control and all the normal controls of an iPod, along with the remote control, which is white, as in the old one.