What is the Difference between the leather one and the non leather ipad smart cover?

iPad Smart Cover Leather

iPad Smart Cover Leather

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    If I could do it all over again, I would not have spent the extra money for the leather case. It doesnt look any better the faux leather case. I do not feel it is worth the money.

  • The main difference between the leather and non-leather iPad smart covers is color choice. The synthetic colors are brighter and more modern and "youger" looking. The leather colors are more traditional looking and include neutrals such as black and light beige. I chose the leather cover because I wanted red, and it was only available in leather.

  • Functionally, there is NO difference. Both do exactly as they are designed to do which is to provide protection for the screen and turn the iPad on and off when the cover is opened or closed without having to use the home button.

    However, as an owner of both a RED LEATHER and a LIGHT GRAY POLY Smart Cover I will mention that the leather cover is a bit more difficult to keep looking 'new'. It tends to show EVERY "touch" from a fingernail or other object which presents as a slight scrape or scratch on the surface and needs to be buffed out with a soft cloth OFTEN if you are bothered by such marks. I've even tried to protect the leather with a protective cream made especially for analine dyed leather. I've also applied clear shoe polish (wax) in hopes of keeping it from becoming marked from inadvertent "scrapes". Nothing helps. You just have to get used to seeing a few marks if you use the leather cover.

    The poly Smart Cover is MUCH easier to maintain and keep looking new so I tend to use it more than the leather tho' I like the idea of the leather and appreciate that part of the purchase price (only for the RED, I believe) goes to support AIDS projects.

  • The only difference between the two is the exterior surface. They function the same.

  • The front is leather on one, and polyurethane on another. Hope this helps.