what is the difference between the express and the extreme?

We have an I-Mac and PC laptops with wireless printer. We want to replace our existing router due to unreliable service between both computers and are considering adding a future Macbook Pro. What base station will work for us best?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    The Express is physically smaller and has two Ethernet ports (10/100 Megabit) for devices (one for the WAN) while the Extreme has 4 (1 Gigabit) ports (one for the WAN, 3 for other devices)

    The Express can share a printer while the Extreme can share USB printers or USB hard drives.

    The Express natively supports AirPlay (stream music to wireless speakers) and has an analog/optical audio jack on it.

    THe Express has an internal power supply while the Extreme uses an external power "brick"

    The Extreme supports advanced features like RADIUS authentication

    Oh, and there's the matter of about $80, too :)

  • The difference that i see is the number of ports on the back of the express and the extreme. As for any other differences between the 2 i stopped looking since the express didn't fit my needs. I need to plug my eyetv/cable service & Sonos speaker system directly into my wireless router so all my computers/ipad/phones can access those service.