What is the difference between the Drone and the Drone 2.0 besides the ability to record/share images/video?

With the price being exactly the same for both models (and the weight not listed for the Drone 2.0), if the only difference is the ability to record and share video and images, wasn't that just a software upgrade?

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

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    2.0 has
    a hd camera
    Dose flips
    Different control options
    Indoor hull is stronger
    USB hook up (save vid)
    More stable

    That is stuff just 2.0 has
    May have left out some

  • The new drone is equipped with a brand new 720p camera, a 3 axis gyroscope to make it hover in the middle of the air, new hulls obviously, can do flips, frontflip, backflip and flips to the side when double tapping the screen and it has a pressure sencor which tells the rotors when the air gets thin to increase the rpm to make it hover at the same level and not spin out of control.

    Its easy to control, and a pro tip; buy spare parts

  • 1.it has absoulute control mode which is a big advantage.
    2.It has a new front camera which has a 720 pixels.
    3.When you double click the screen it side flips.
    4.it has a many new control options.
    5.the hulls have a different design.
    6.it is more stable against wind.
    7.you can control how much you want it to tilt.

  • The first version of the Drone had a fly away bug issue. It would randomly just go up up and away. The reports on the 2.0 drone shows it seems to be fixed. I had it happen once out on a big field with my 1.0 drone, so I Only fly it indoors. I plan on getting the 2.0 pretty soon.