What is the difference between Apple data cable and other duplicate china made cable ?

I bought data cable from other retail store and he claimed that it is original Apple cable but I am not sure. In quality wise, its ok and looks like original material. Is there any difference between Apple iPhone data cable and other duplicate Data cables...?

Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

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    A way to tell if your cable is authentic is by looking in the thin area, it should say designed by apple including the item number. If your cable isn't authentic you should consider getting a real cable because there have been cases where the connectors have been stuck in the device.

  • Be careful with cheaper non-Apple cables as they will not fit through an iPhone's protective case such as the Tech21 et al. The plug surround on the cheaper copy cables is usually just slightly thicker and will not fit through the opening for the phone's data socket.