What is the best way to wind the earphone in the case?

The cord sometimes get pinched when I shut the case. But if I wind it tightly, it is hard to get out.

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    I have a method for this that works extremely well for me. It is probably awkward to describe in words, but here goes:
    . Hold the case so it is like an upside-down-triangle with the earbud holders at the top and the channel for the wire positioned vertically, "coming out the bottom".....
    . Place the earbuds in their position in the case;
    . Place the jack end in the vertical wire channel, pointing "up," between the two earbuds;
    . (the wire is now essentially folded in half with 3 leads coming out of the "bottom" channel)
    . Now, begin wrapping all 3 leads counter clockwise....
    . The mic should 'land' on the left hand 'leg' of the triangle....
    . Keep wrapping counterclockwise....
    . When the 'Y' in the cable is reached you will wrap 2 rather than 3 leads the rest of the way;
    . At the end, gently tuck in the 'fold' in the cable. This is at the 'top' of the triangle for me.

    I like this approach because I get all the wire in the case without pinching and it takes half as many turns around the case to wind the entire thing.

    Hopefully this explanation is clear. Since I have done it and have a very clear idea of it already myself, It is hard for me to tell how well it is written for someone else. If you have any questions, let me know.