What is the best way to save files and data for easy retrieval from My Book?

I have a MacBook Pro, hard disk alomost full, would like to be able to see iPhoto Events just like I see from hard drive.

Can I store email to the MY Book?

Western Digital My Book for Mac

Western Digital My Book for Mac

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    I do two different things... and in no specific order or anything...

    1) If I don't happen to have my portable hard drive with me (ex. if I bring it to a cafe, friend's house, or library), I would just save my files regularly onto my MacBook (ex. in my Documents, Pictures, Desktop, etc.). Later, when I get a chance to get my hard drive, I connect it to my MacBook and use the TimeMachine to transfer the files onto the hard drive.

    2) If my hard drive is connected with my MacBook already (ex. if I am at home), then I would save my files and pictures and such directly onto the hard drive.

    So, to me, saving files and data for easy retrieval is via the hard drive...
    as for saving email on your hard drive,
    ~ if you are talking about Microsoft Entourage, I am not positive if you can save them or not.
    ~ if you are talking about your email via the internet/Safari, you cannot save that onto a hard drive. All of that stays on the web! However, I'm 90% sure that you can save your Cookies, Favorites, Top Sites, etc. on the hard drive as well.

    Good Luck! ^_^