what interface do i need to run logic 9

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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    Logic will run with any number of different Audio interfaces. Im assuming thatʻs the type of "interface" you mean. What you buy depends on your needs and your budget. If your budget is limited, go with something affordable so that you can invest in a good mic and a midi controller. The synths, organs and pianos in Logic are some of the best out there. They are also handy to have for laying grooves and beats, with or without "MPC style drum pads. Regular piano style keys work just as well. But I ʻve digressed somewhat. Bottom line: evaluate your needs and go from there. Are you going to be strictly recording audio, or doing Midi Sequencing? or a combination? are you a composer or recording others in a studio?
    If you can afford it, I recommend the Apogee Ensemble which integrates nicely with Logic and is made to run on Apple computers. Superb sound quality!