What format is the data in?

Can I import this into a Numbers spreadsheet easily?

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

iHealth Blood Pressure Dock

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    A freeform two lines per entry non-standard form. Terrible for spread sheets. I had to write a little awk file to convert it to CSV.

    Data:03-06-2011 Time:22:17
    SYS:115 DIA:66 Pulse:67
    Data:03-07-2011 Time:07:20
    SYS:140 DIA:76 Pulse:73
    Data:03-07-2011 Time:22:21
    SYS:124 DIA:69 Pulse:75
    Data:03-08-2011 Time:07:39
    SYS:142 DIA:89 Pulse:73