What cable should I use to connect MacBook Air (mini DVI) to 27 inch iMac (mini display port) to use it as a monitor?

Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter

Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter

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2 Answers from the Community

  • I don't have the new 27" iMac so maybe it differs from my 24" iMac in more than just a couple of years age. I would be surprised if there were display input plugs located in an iMac so I suspect you are flat out of luck using an iMac as a monitor for any other computer. Much like a laptop, the monitor in an iMac is connected internally to the graphics card and does not look for external video signals. The display plugs you can find on the back of an iMac are all about sending the display signal to an external monitor.

    If you really want to use the 27" monitor to see what is happening on your macbook air then set both computers up for screen sharing. This will let the macbook air send its display over your wireless network to the iMac and you can run the macbook from that computer. Resolution might not be as good as you like but otherwise it is worth testing.

  • Sorry, I meant MacBook Air micro DVI