What basic set-up will I need to buy to record live music for Logic 9?

I'm not that computer savvy and most of these questions sound like martian to me! I just want to know what I will need to buy to use Logic Pro 9 so I can figure that into my budget. I play guitar, sing and my husband plays fiddle. How does the live recording get recorded into the computer, via what? Do I need an extra separate recording system first? I have a new Imac. Please help!

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    A basic setup could be a anything from a couple of hundred to thousands, depending on the quality of gear you want to buy. With your Imac and Logic, you will need two things to record audio.

    -- An audio interface
    -- A microphone or an instrument with a pickup (guitar, bass, electric violin etc)

    In layman's terms, an audio interface is a device that converts audio into a computer type signal and vice versa. Your computer does not understand an audio signal (guitar, vocals etc) so it needs a "translator" to do the job for it. So when you connect your instrument into an audio interface, it converts the audio signal into a digital signal which goes into Logic. What you hear playing back from your speakers is a digital signal converted into audio via your interface. Interfaces are key to how your studio sounds, so it's worth spending a bit of money on one.

    I personally use a Presonus Firebox and I would definitely recommend it. It's a great audio interface for the price (around £180). You can get a cheap audio interface for as little as £60 but then the sound quality isn't great. It doesn't sound like you'll be needing an interface with a lot of features so get the simplest interface with the best preamps. I think the best small interface is probably the Motu Ultralite series which cost about £400.

    To record vocals, you need a good condenser microphone. I have a Rode NT - 1000 and I'm very happy with it.

    So to record vocals for example, you'll connect your condenser microphone to your audio interface, turn on phantom power (condenser mics need an external power source called phantom power which is in - built into every interface), connect your audio interface to your computer and then use Logic to record audio.

    Read about it on the internet further, there's plenty of information available.