What AT&T DSL modem works best with the AirPort Extreme?

I just bought an AE and would like to know what AT&T FastAccess DSL Direct 6.0 modem works best with it. I have a 327W Westell wireless routher/modem hooked up right now so I am assuming I will need to purchase a separate DSL modem to make the AE work. What are some of the best DSL modems on the market?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Got better performance by trashing the AT&T provided 2Wires at two locations this past year and replacing them with the Actiontec (Model GT701D) 1-Port Broadband DSL Modem with Built-In Firewall. Both connected easily to the AT&T service. No issue since then at either location. Third location still uses an AT&T provided Siemens 4100 in its sixth year (said to have a six year lifespan). Will switch to another Actiontec (off the shelf at Best Buy) when needed.

    My guess is that most modems are much the same. Simply stick to a DSL modem, not a modem/router, and avoid any and all USB modems.

  • the 2wire modem works fairly well. It is a modem and router so if your using your Airport Extreem for you wifi network i would recommend disabling the wifi capability on your router (because your AE is your router). I think that your modem/router is fine just disable the wifi on your 327W and plug a ethernet cable from that modem/router to the AE. Under the airport utility create a new network and you will have a new wifi signal from your AE. and i keep emphasizing disable the wifi capability on your 327W because if not you will have two wifi networks, but its up to you.

  • 2/25/12 - I just bought the AE to us with my AT&T Uverse service. AT&T supplied a 2 Wire wireless modem that has had issues since being installed. I had it replaced once and have still had rumerous issues. We had to reboot the modem daily to use our devices. The AE was so easy to install and works great. It has better range and faster download speeds. It was an easy install, all you need to do is turn off the wireless settings on the 2 Wire and continue to use it as a basic modem. I highly recommend this device. Apple products just work. Love it!