What about the IR reception? Won't hiding the AppleTV interfere with how easily the remote works?

H-Squared tvTray for Apple TV (1st Gen.)

H-Squared tvTray for Apple TV (1st Gen.)

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    If you mount the Apple TV on the wall behind the TV so it cannot be seen, then there is a likelyhood that the IR won't work.

  • You may have misinterpreted the photo of the tray, which does not cover or hide the Apple TV, but does fit behind the Apple TV. There is no wi-fi signal loss.

    The virtually-invisible wall mount can be rotated so that your Apple TV can be aimed in almost any direction. This makes it easy to control your Apple TV using your Apple Remote since you can always orient the Apple TV's IR receiver towards the general direction of the Apple Remote's location. You can also place your Apple TV in your entertainment center or in any location where you simply need to get it up out of the way but still have easy access.