We have Airport Extreme plus 4 in ceiling WAPs in our home. Can you plug the WAPs into the airport extreme to extend range?

Home has structured wiring with ethernet and 4 in ceiling WAPS wired into OnQ box. WAPs don't work well because when more than one person is online, the other gets booted off.

We have multiple mac laptops and MacPro plus sometimes need option for PC to be seen by our wireless network. How can we continue to use the in ceiling WAPS and incorporate them with our Airport Extreme?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Option #1 (BEST Option): If your in-ceiling Wireless Access PointS (WAPS) have both AC Power and Ethernet connected to them, I would simply remove each in-ceiling WAP and replace each one with an Airport Express (AE) set-up in Bridge Mode. That way, your Airport Extreme (AE) Internet Connection gets passed-through, via your hard-wired Ethernet connections, to each new AE and your entire Wireless Network would be expanded for easy access. Plus, since your network devices would now be hard-wired to each other, you will notice a substancial speed improvement. Plus, now you won't have the dropped connection problem any more where one person gets booted off the WiFi connection when another person gets on it.

    Option #2: Assuming that your current IN-CEILING WAPS ARE NOT HARD-WIRED TO YOUR AE, I would connect them to your AE on its Ethernet Jacks and then use them in the Bridge Mode, like above. You can do this by connecting your AE through your OnQ box connections to each in-ceiling WAP. But, BEWARE; since they are not Apple products, they will be much harder to set-up in Bridge Mode.

    For either option, make sure that your Ethernet Cables are either CAT 6A or CAT 7A. While CAT 5 or CAT 5E will work, they have limited speed for longer cable runs.