We have a generation 1 airport extreme, do we need to update it to have faster internet??

Our airport extreme is 5 years old. We have cable modem through Time Warner in Brooklyn, NY. Our internet gets slower and slower. Uploading 100 MB files to an FTP take hours. We have tried to boost the speed using the airport utility, but to no success. Do we need to get a newer router? Or is it more likely a provider problem?

  • Asked by Cara P from Brooklyn
  • Feb 12, 2012
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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1 Answer from the Community

  • I also have one, purchased in 2007, and it still works great - still connected to a modem provided by SBC (ATT) in 2005. No slowdowns here - must be your provider.

    • Answered by Andrew H from Carmel
    • Mar 4, 2012