Verizon FIOS comes with a built in cable modem and wireless router. How can you use YC in this situation?

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QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    To use the additional network features (guest, dual-band), the Time Capsule CANNOT be in bridge mode.

    So, to address your question, here's what I suggest:

    Connect the LAN port (output) on FIOS to WAN port (input) on Time Capsule.

    Configure the Time Capsule to create a wireless network (NOT BRIDGE MODE)

    Put the FIOS into bridge mode, and disable the wireless antenna (source of wireless interference for the Time Capsule)

    At this point, the FIOS becomes a very large modem. The Time Capsule distributes IP addresses, allowing guest and dual-band networks. Everyone is happy, and any problems with the network can be resolved with a single call to Apple--short of loss of service. :)

  • If the FIOS cable modem has an ethernet jack, you would connect that up to the TimeCapsule's "WAN" port. Then configure your laptops to use the new wireless network that is asserted by the Time Capsule box.

  • Type the IP address of the modem into an internet browser and log in using the username and password found on the FiOS unit and turn the router off.

    After you have the FiOS router turned off, connect an ethernet cord from the FiOS modem to the time capsule, the same way you would set up any other router.

    It should just work after that.

    If you don't understand this explanation, call Verizon, they will be able to walk you through the steps.

  • When you set your Time Capsule up, you click on "Extend my existing wireless network".

  • I use the TC with Verizon FIOS and it should be set up as follows:

    1) Run the TC in "bridge mode"

    2) make sure that the TC is not running DHCP, the verizon equipment runs DHCP and will furnish all the info (IP address, Gateway address and DNS) to the TC.

    3) You may want to use the TC as your wireless router, so you will want to set up your security info. You can run both, but as separate wireless networks. The other choice is to shut down the wireless on the verizon router and only use the TC.