Using Sagemcom 1704 with 802.11b/g and 3.0Mbps DSL, will new AP Extreme with 802.11n improve our speed over 7-year-old AP Extreme with 802.11g?

iMac 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4G 1067 MHz DDR3
Airport Extreme 6.2.1
Airport Extreme Base Station 802.11g
DSL Modem Sagemcom 1704 with 802.11b/g and 3.0Mbps DSL

  • Asked by Susan S from Novelty
  • Feb 4, 2011
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    Depends what you mean by "improve our speed". If you're referring to the wireless network within your home, then WiFi-N will likely offer better performance than the older 802.11g. But that's only within your 4 walls.

    If you're referring to your Internet access, then speeding up your home's wireless network is unlikely to result in faster Internet. 3 Mbps DSL isn't very fast by today's standards. By comparison, WiFi-N has a theoretical performance of >100 Mbps (your actual results will likely be far less for a variety of reasons). The theoretical maximum speed of 802.11g is 54 Mbps.

    The slowest bit between point A and point B is what will determine your overall network speed.

    • Answered by Kenneth D from Ottawa
    • Feb 6, 2011