Using Airport Extreme with Fios- what is the best way to set-up and encryption (security)?

If I set up an Airport Extreme as a secondary router (hooked up to my Verizon router), can I just set it up Lan to Lan, disable the wireless capability of the Verizon router (so as to utilize the "n" capability of the Airport Extreme), and use it to connect wirelessly as well as utilize Time Machine wirelessly to a hard drive connected to the Airport Extreme and printer as well (using a USB hub)?

With respect to encryption, do I set that up with the Airport Extreme or will that conflict with the Verizon router set up?


QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    To set up your Airport Extreme with Fios you must set your Airport, under the Internet tab in the manual section of the Airport Setup Utility, to be acting as a bridge and not share a public ip or distribute any ip addresses. To take full advantage of your fios experience you should set your Ethernet WAN to 100 Mbps Full-Duplex. Then type in into your web browser to access your verizon setup. The default password is "password1" click on the wireless tab and select advanced settings on the left hand side and turn off the wireless radio (WARNING: any person connected wirelessly to the verizon router will be kicked offline it is best to access the verizon router while connected to the airport. ) Click apply to apply the settings and that is it. Set the password up on the airport to encrypt the network

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