two macs, one time capsule?

I have two macBooks, want to maintain separate disk images for each machine through my Time Capsule, can I do it and how?

or should I even bother since I built my new MacBook Pro off the disk image of my old MacBook and it worked great, if the new machine crashes I'll have an image and can restore to the old machine, and if the old machine craters I'll have the image from the new one to restore to another new machine?

Belt and suspenders!

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    You can certainly use Time Capsule for Time Machine back ups from two or more Macs, space being the only limiting factor. Time Capsule stores your back ups as Sparse Images, one for each machine. These images can be used to restore/rebuild your Mac, although they are not bootable.

    The main difference with this solution and your dual machine swappable images is that Time Machine back ups will be up to date with the latest data, apps etc.

    Belt and braces is always a good idea with back ups so a clean start image would be handy to have as well. You could use this and then use Migration assistant to pull selective data from your Time Machine back ups.