True range capacity of these speakers?

I can't listen to these locally, unfortunately. I want to hear some user-based opinions on the range of these speakers. My home set up doesn't lend itself to a separate sub-woofer, so ideally I'm looking for full range satellites (dreaming?).

What are some opinions on tight highs and distortion-free lows on these monitors? I listen to music with deep and dark bass, and want the speakers to accurately represent low tones beyond what my ears can pick up.

Thanks in advance.

Focal Professional CMS50 Studio Monitors

Focal Professional CMS50 Studio Monitors

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    The frequency response is listed on the Focal website. I think these go down to 45hz, and 90% of music, let alone clubs and places like that never go below 40hz. There's no way a 2.0 set up will match a 2.1's sub for low bass, because the speakers are simply too small to move the air like that; if they were, then who would need a sub?

    The Focals have clean, accurate bass but don't try and reproduce what they're incapable of doing well. They will faithfully give you low frequency response within the realm of nearly all music, and I've heard several people comment that it feels like they go lower than the stated response anyway.

    As far as desktop solutions go, you'd want 8"+ monitors if you're after the lowest bass (the CMS 65's go lower than the 50s), but even then, bass is bass and if you don't want to annoy the neighbours, then a sub doing 30hz or a bookshelf speaker doing 30hz is still going to travel through the wall the same way. Remember, anything lower than 40hz is really where you start feeling the physical effects of bass rather than hearing it anyway, and this is more the preserve of movies than music. These monitors are among the best in their price point and have won awards, which should tell you enough about how good they sound with well-recorded music!

  • Given the really small cabinet volume of these speakers it is really doubtful that they will achieve 45 hz at a 3db loss, more like a 10db loss from 1Khz, the optimism is present, but the laws of physics prevail. A 45 Hz wave length is mighty big for a box with no porting and not enough cabinet volume.

    Take them for what they are, good computer speakers for folks without HTR systems.

  • Wait...If you really want a full range satellite here you have a very professionnal product, and also Focal has just announced the launching of a brand new system XS 2.0 at the CES, try to get some reviews on the web on it, it will be another killer from the brand, cause none can do better mechanical transducers so far...