Transferring songs from iTunes to Time Capsule

My partner is a DJ and I have finally convinced him that my poor Acer laptop can no longer hold his excessively large collection of music that he uses to burn CDs required for his various gigs. He has agreed that we finally need to upgrade and look at getting an iMac. (yay!)

My question is, would the time capsule allow me to save all of our iTunes music files onto it to store, rather than store them on the PC? When he requires the songs, will the TC then allow him to stream relatively uninterupted back to the iMac for burning/listening/mixing?

I'm hoping to be able to get his music collection seperate storage to my basic music collection, and allowing me to keep the space on the iMac free for my photography etc.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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