To use three monitors, does this work with the recently-available active single-link DP to DVI adapters (NOT the simple passive one that Apple sells)?

Late last year, active single-link DVI adapters became available that function in the same way as the active dual-link adapter that Apple sells, but is intended for use with smaller, single-link monitors. These provide the same added intelligence that the dual-link adapters provide, but only support single-link resolutions. This makes them much cheaper (typically around $30) and they don't don't require the extra power of a USB port.

Can these adapters be used with this card in a mid-2010 (5,1) Mac Pro to drive the second and third monitors in a three-monitor setup?

ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010)

ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010)

Product No Longer Available

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    To run 3 monitors with this card - 2 of them need to be "active" on the display port connections.

    I run the card with 2 display port monitors (an HP and DELL) and 1 DVI monitor - (A 1080p projector with an hdmi/dvi passive adapter). I'm doing this in both a 2010 and 2008 mac pro.

    I assume because of this, you can buy the active dual-link dvi/dp adapter and get the same results.

    But I can confirm you can't do this with a passive adapter.

  • I've been meaning to post this for a while: I tried the newer single-link adapters, and they work great. So long as your added monitor(s) aren't higher resolution than what single-link supports, save yourself some money and USB ports and go single.

    Just make sure that when you're shopping, you get *active* single-link adapters, versus *passive* adapters. Product descriptions can be vague, but look for that word :active".