Time Capsule as an External Hard Drive + Ethernet Cable question

In reading up on the Time Capsule, it can be used as a router and for storage purposes.

Some questions:
1) can the Time Capsule be used just as an external hard drive, not for back up purposes at all? Is there a setting that needs to be checked to make sure that it doesnt back up anything at all.

2) can I move files from a macbook or pc to the time capsule via an ethernet cable for faster speeds? Do I need a special ethernet cable?

3) can I also move files from a macbook or pc to the time capsule via wifi if I want, just wondering if it is possible?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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  • Best Answer:

    Time capsule works fine as an external hard drive, no problems. When your Mac asks if you would like to use time capsule for time machine select "no".

    If you connect via a cable, things are faster and you can transfer data to the Time capsule no problem.

    If you switch your Mac to WIFI you can connect to a Time Capsule and move files to the TC hard drive just like normal.