thunderbolt to firewire400 adapter?

Hi, I've got a TimeMachine with FW400 connection and want to buy a new MacBook Pro that only has Thunderbolt. I've searched for a Thunderbolt to FW400 adapter, but only find one that says it's for Thunderbolt to FW800. Is there an adapter for TB to FW400? Or am I going to have to daisy chain (FW400 to FW800, then FW800 to Thunderbolt)? Thanks!

  • Asked by Stacey K from West Bloomfield
  • Aug 3, 2012
Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

Product No Longer Available

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    There are also cables that have FW 400 on one end and FW 800 on the other. I find the cable solution a little more elegant and it's not another adapter to lose.

    • Answered by Jef L from Chicago
    • Aug 7, 2012
  • Just use the firewire 800 to 400 adaptor that came with your external drives. If not you can buy one from any computer store. It should work with Apple's thunderbolt to FW adaptor. If not you can get a refund.

    • Answered by Calvin H
    • Aug 3, 2012
  • I tried using the adapter to connect my Epson SP R800 printer via a cable with FW400 on one end and FW800 on the other and it causes a kernel panic on my 212 iMac every time. Had to connect via slower USB.

    • Answered by Harold A from New York
    • Jan 30, 2013