This looks great! Does this work with PCs?

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

QA Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display

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    YES. The Atlona AT-DP400 is a DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter designed to convert every Mac or PC computer's with a dual link DVI output to a digital signal over a Mini DisplayPort connector. The converter is designed for the 27inch iMac / LED monitor and supports 2560x1440.

  • My PC is new AMD 1090T Black edition water cooled hotrod. I tried several things, first did not work with 5750 display port to mini display port cable. Next tried Atlona Atlona HD 400 only worked at 1280x720, tried Atlona HD 620 did not work very well and at max resolution of 1920 x1200. Next bought XFX 6870 with mini displayport to mini displayport cable, works fantastically well super to see windows on such a glorious monitor.

  • This display works on Linux with an NVidia Quadro 2000 using the proprietary NVidia drivers (285.05.09) and a Startech Mini DP to DP adapter (product code DP2MDPMF6IN). Webcam and audio work as well.

  • YES it works with PC's but with conditions. For ATI 4800 cards that have DP use mine-dp to dp adapter, only cost like 9 dollars. for ATI 5000 series you'll want one that has mini-dp, some newer non mini-dp work but it's hit or miss with mini-dp to dp. Other options is using mini-dp to dual dvi adapter for abourt 149. Seems to work fine with Nvidia cards with adapters. You'll need to install bootcamp with updates to control the brightness

  • If the PC has a mini-DisplayPort connector (or a DVI-D type connector and a mini Display converter), and can support the resolution, it should work. However, I don't think there are Windows drivers for the built-in iSight, and the MagSafe power adapter wouldn't be useful. I would recommend against using this with a Windows computer. There are other monitors with similar features for Windows machines that are less expensive. They don't look as nice though. :)

  • The answer is: it depends. You will need a computer containing a video card with either mini display port or display port. If you have display port you will need an adapter. If your video card only has DVI there are a few after market DVI to Display Port converters but I'm unaware of any that support the full resolution of this screen. Also the DVI to DP converters are quite bulky and expensive ($150-200)

    If your computer isn't a laptop your best bet is to buy a new video card. Some of the ATI cards are known to have issues with the Apple monitors (5700 and 5800 series).

  • It states that it requires an Apple Mac, however if your PC has a Mini Displayport it should in theory be ok. Users with DVI out as their only option will have additional cost involved due to the need to purchase an additional component for DVI to Mini Displayport conversion.

  • I am sure yes, because 24" does and is the same display just a bit bigger.
    I have the 24" on my pc with one ASUS 5870 eyefinity 6 and works great!

    Regards, Luís.

  • If they have a mini display port

  • It should as long as you've got some sort of mini display port converter/cable.

  • It does if your PC video card has a mini-display port, otherwise no.

  • Depends, does your PC have a Mini DisplayPort on it? I can almost guarantee you it does not, but if you get a video card with a Mini DisplayPort, it should work. I don't know if the iSight camera and speakers will also work, but I'm sure we'll hear about it soon.

  • You'll likely need a DVI or HDMI to display port adapter, but yes it does. Keep in mind you'll not get audio support unless the audio is being fed into the display port too.

  • I think also some of the Nvdia cards like the GTX 460 Zotac one,

    have Display ports

    i have purchased a cable

    Startech Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable 1.8m

    so that will work as well



  • You'll need a video card with DisplayPort and a DisplayPort Male to Mini DisplayPort Male cale

  • Yes, several Sony and Acer laptops have mini displayport connecters built in, if your computer does not have MDP you will need an adaptor (available on this site) to connect through hdmi/VGA/dvi

  • This is a Mini Display Port monitor. If you are able to connect that to your PC then it should work as normal. It works in Bootcamp when the Mac is almost like a PC.

    Obviously the charger will only work with a Mac laptop. Also, even if you can find a PC graphics card that supports Mini Display Port, I highly doubt that the webcam or USB hub would work. Even if they did work, there would be no drivers for them.

  • Yes, of course it will work with a PC. Basically it all comes down to buying the right connectors.

  • It will work with any computer that either has MiniDisplayPort or if you have an mDP to (insert plug here) adapter on your machine.

  • yes