This is silly, but you have to run WITH the ipod/phone right? I've just bought the sensor to use with my iphone 4.. So I have to run with the phone..

--I'm a little worried about running with the phone. Will the constant up-and-down impact of me running hurt the phone in anyway? I just don't want to hurt my new phone :-)

Nike + iPod Sensor

Nike + iPod Sensor

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    The up and down impact shouldn't hurt the phone in anyway but if you are still worried buy an Armband for the iphone 4, this will ensure the iphone isn't thrown about in your pocket when running and doesn't seem to pull your ear phones out as much.

  • nope, there are no moving parts in the iPhone which means there are no loose components to move around inside. Virtually indestructible!!

  • A little shaking won't hurt your phone, there built to withstand that type of use otherwise apple wouldn't have released the product with that software available to it.

    - - - Your new phone will be fine!!!